Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Things

1. Today is the second day of Spring. Today it snowed and more is expected this weekend. It is like Mother Nature is saying, "What Up Suckers! You try to box me in with calendar dates and your so called seasons. So you think I'm predictable?  Huh. BOOM. Snow." Mother Nature sure can be a feisty lady.

2. I use the word "Yo!" a lot in texting. Auto correct keeps trying to change it to something else. It's like my phone is questioning my street cred. In other technology caused self esteem issues, my GPS is starting to get pretty pushy. On my way home yesterday, it was all "Turn left, turn right." Dude, I was still in the parking lot, give me a minute.

3.  In some what related slang news, I really, really want rad to make a come back.  Can we make it a thing again?

4. I just started reading Truman by David McCullough. I realized a little while ago that I don't know as much about our Missouri born and breed president as I should.  So far, it is a great read, and at 1,120 pages I am pretty sure that I can use it as a weapon (self defense purposes only, obviously) or a floatation device. Wait. I would never put a book in water. Never mind on the floatation device thing.

5. Reason #45b that I am OK with not being in DC right now:  this headline: After 17 Years, the Northeast is About to Be Blanketed by a Swarm of Cicadas (full article).  Cue the shivers and scary music (I still miss the friendships and Eastern Market's French Toast.  In that order). 

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