Thursday, March 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Happy Pi Day!

Today is March 14. If you write the date out in all numerals it is 3 14. Add a decimal and you have 3.14. And if you stayed awake in any of your math classes you should recognize these as the the beginning digits in the magical numerical Pi, you know, this thingee: π.

Go ask all your math friends about the wonders of pi, they love to talk about it. It's irrational (as in an irrational number), and is misunderstood (smart people are still trying to completely understand it), in other words, aren't we all a little bit like pi? 

So what do you eat on National Pi Day? Pie, of course.  Aliens visiting our planet will never doubt our cleverness and wit as a human race. And although I like to pull out all the stops for the true Pie Day that occurs in November, any excuse to make any kind of this best ever dessert, I am totally game for.

I found these adorable pie piece single serving pie pans in a kitchen store that is literally in the middle of nowhere, with maaaybe a little bit of Children of the Corn vibe as  you drive into the area. But you guys, they have cute pie stuff.
I filled them with a ridiculously simple key lime freezer pie recipe, and tonight . . .We shall feast like kings! Well, kings that eat pie.

And what do you listen to while making and eating pie? The Pietasters. Duh. The Pietasters are a very fun ska band from Washington DC (represent!). Pretty snappy dressers too. Not that this video will show, but trust me, they are friends with their tailors. While I was pie making today, I jammed out to their album, Willis and while the cat was not impressed by my dancing skills, I know that I've still got it.

 And now for Throwback Thursday! Throwback Thursday (hashtag: #tbt) is reposting (usually on Twitter or Instagram) old pictures, kind of a memory lane type thing. Listening to The Pietasters got me reminiscing about stupid fun ska shows where we all wore jackets covered with patches and pins from our favorite bands, and left the show 20 pounds lighter from all the sweat from all the dancing.  I went to my own personal archive  to see if I could find any pictures from any Pietasters shows. And by archive, I mean the stash of ticket stubs, fliers, set lists, and pictures that I have saved from concerts throughout the years. I don't scrapbook, I archive. I couldn't find any pictures, but how about a ticket stub from a show in 1997 (with the Bouncing Souls!), and an autographed promotional poster for Willis. Now, I am just showing off.  

Happy Pi Day! Go do some math. 

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  1. "I don't scrapbook, I archive." Perfect! Hooray for Pi(e)!