Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Song of the Week: A Spring Mix Tape

I make a mix tape each month of my favorite songs of the past 30 days, it's like musical journaling. In a perfect world I try to post a song list here on the blog each month. It is not a perfect world. Every couple of months I force a playlist on a couple of friends who I have been swapping music with for awhile now. We are like the old tymey Columbia House, but only cooler since we wear argyle socks. Sometimes I worry about the implications of burning music. I know each time I burn a song for someone, that is a handful of pennies out the pocket of the musician. In that vein, I don't ever burn a whole album, and when I  make a cd for someone, I choose specific songs that I hope they will fall in love with,  and then support the artist, see live, and pass on the good word to others. So it all balances out in end, right? What are your thoughts about sharing music?

Anyway. Below is the playlist that I shared along with the [edited] notes I sent. My music friends are all spread across the country now and sometimes it pains my little heart that we all can't physically get together and talked about the songs in person and share our thoughts over pie and be concert buddies and all. But music has proven to be one of the sustainable links in our friendship, it seem to be a level that we all just get each other.  And that is a beautiful thing.

Spring Forward Mix Tape:
 (Links all go to You Tube or the band's bandcamp page, someday I will figure out how to do the embedded playlist thing)

I started this mix before I made the big move back to the Midwest. Hence, many of the songs have to do with traveling, or leaving, going or returning home. There are also a lot of hand claps. Lots and lots of joy filled hand claps. Hope you guys are OK with that. I mixed old songs and new songs, hopefully to tell a good musical story.  

1.    Grinnin’ In Your Face—Son House.
This is an old Blues song that I love with every single DNA fiber in my body.  I often listen to  it laying on the floor with my eyes closed. But you don’t have to. I love his voice; I love his slightly off beat hand claps. This is the Blues that you feel right down in your soul.
2.    Shuffle Your Feet—Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
This song is a few years old, but I love the feeling that we are all in some old barn clapping our hands, shuffling our feet and singing our hearts out.
3.    I Will Remain—Matthew and the Atlas
Hand claps AND Banjo? Yes please.  This British band has since broken up, but the singer and his gravely voice still tour under the same band name. He’s the Matthew.
4.    (What’s So Funny ‘bout) Peace Love and Understanding (Brinsley Schwarz cover)—Shovels & Rope
A fantastic cover by a fantastic little band. This duo can do no wrong in my book.
5.    Boots of Spanish Leather—Bob Dylan
I’m a HUGE Bob Dylan fan, and this is my favorite song of his. It will make me cry 87.9% of the time. But it is a good cry.
6.    I Was Young When I Left Home (Bob Dylan cover)—Mumford & Sons and Friends
I hesitate duplicating a band that has been on a previous mix, but this song just fit in so beautifully with the idea of home and returning home. It is from a special Daytrotter session that Mumford and Sons did a little while ago with some other musicians (hence the ‘friends”). And I am being super sneaky about putting 2 Dylan songs on the same mix. (This video is the closest I could find to the Daytrotter session. Seriously, just become a Daytrotter member.)
7.    Brothers—Gospel Whiskey Runners
This song is very much a prodigal son song.  I can totally relate about returning home after a hard year. Also, I am currently obsessed with this band. I couldn't find a clip of this song, from their album "Hold On", but you can get the fantastic title track on their bandcamp for name your price.
8.    Underneath A Mountain—The Strumbellas
They won’t know me until I know myself. This line kinda makes the song.
9.    Unlucky Skin—Shakey Graves
I love Shakey Graves almost to embarrassing levels. But I am not ashamed. His songs are just so beautiful to my soul. 
10. Roadtrip—Mahoney & The Moment
      Roadtrips and harmonicas just go together. This song makes me ache for long summer car rides that always give us the best conversations. 
11. Let My Love—Damion Suomi & The Minor Prophets
This song makes me so happy, like jump and spin around my room until I get dizzy happy.
12. Diggin’ My Grave—William Elliott Whitmore
I started this mix with a blues song, so I thought I would end with one too. WEW is a white boy from Iowa demonstrating that the blues is no respecter of person. I saw him in DC in a room with maybe a dozen people. Just him and his banjo brought the room to silence as all our hearts skipped a beat, all at the same time, because of his music. 


  1. I am seriously wearing argyle socks today. No lie.

  2. LOVE the new picture.

  3. Amy-- you are definitely by cool East Coast friend.

    Miranda-- I figure I don't have to live so covertly anymore, so we'll see how this goes.