Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Song of the Week: Irish Music

St. Patrick's Day is this coming weekend, the day that most of the country wants to turn into a day of debauchery and also when some us with Irish blood in our veins, try to prove it is more than that. I am so happy and excited to spend the day of green with some good friends, including one that I traveled to Ireland with. 

Remember when I went to Ireland? Yeah. That was awesome.

When I was looking for songs for this week's post, I found myself going back to songs and videos that reminded me of the all the buskers (street musicians) that we saw in Dublin. So all these songs are pretty well known, and so are the bands, but maybe that is something that I love at St. Patrick's Day. It's a day to remember some of the familiar and comforting things in life: family, friends, music, faith, and potatoes.

Drunken Lullabies--Flogging Molly 

Bono and Glen Hansard--The Auld Triangle

And just because this makes me laugh until I am delirious:
The Muppets--Danny Boy

You can see some of my favorite pictures of my time in Ireland here.

In non-Irish music news: The Kanrocksas Music Festival Line-up was released.  There is a lot of banjo action there. It is amazing, and has taken off a little bit of the sting of not being at SXSW. Many of the bands I am super excited about, I've seen before (Why doesn't Dropkick Murphys have a loyalty punch card already? C'mon), so this is where I complain about how expensive tickets are, but will probably go anyway. I'm thinking a bake sale is in order. 

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