Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Song of the Week: Fugazi

I had a lot of fun music moments in DC, but topping the list is seeing, in person, the NPR Tiny Desk, and seeing Ian MacKaye just hanging out on the streets of our fine Capitol City.

When any type of discussion occurs about the DC music scene, if Ian MacKaye isn't mentioned, then it is just amateur hour.  Mr. MacKaye is the founder of legendary and influential punk rock/hardcore bands Minor Threat and Fugazi and owner/founder of Dischord Records which  has been putting out independent music releases since 1980. Add in producer, social activist, DIY (Do It Yourself) mastermind and you begin to get an idea of the man. I think one of the main reasons that he has been so successful and revered for so long is that that he runs everything with a high level of authenticity and well, ethics. He doesn't cut corners or sell out to trends, and (hopefully) without sounding like I have fallen down the sappy rabbit hole, he legitimately cares.  He cares for the fans, the bands, his community (local and musically) and the music.

"Waiting Room" off of  Fugazi's 13 Songs album is the type of anthem that you, (or me, myself and I), listen to when you are laying face down on your bed, frustrated that you are seemingly in the 'waiting room,' of life. Waiting for the next big thing, job, relationship, short stack of pancakes, your life to become something. But it is not a song of self pity or desperate resolution. Booming in the song, with a sound of truth that you just have to believe,  are the words, "But I won't sit idly by. I'm planning a big surprise. I'm gonna fight for what I want to be."

If my blood and cells could talk, which OK, would be a little weird, but I am sure at least 4 out of the 7 days of the week, they would have echos of "Waiting Room." I have listened to this song so many times throughout my music life, that I am pretty sure it has been absorbed. I'm totally fine with that.

And because of folk music is punk rock and punk rock is folk music (all about the struggle of the common man and whatnot) here is a folksy version of "Waiting Room," from husband and wife duo Homesick Elephant:

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