Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pictures of the Week: Snow Day. Again.

Winter has become that annoying house guest that will not leave. At first, you look forward to their coming, I mean, you haven't seen them in like a year.  And you have fun with them for awhile wearing cute scarfs and hats, but then the days past, and you keep turning the pages of the calendar and it is time for your guest to go. But they don't. They may pretend to leave and let you start to get back to your normal life and plant your garden and think about camping trips and stuff, but then, oh no, your guest returns. And that return comes with a vengeance.

I woke up today to several inches of snow. In March. Almost April. Snow. What the What. What kind of appeasement dance do I need to do for warm weather. I will do it. Twice. And then I will stop complaining about the weather. Politics and religion are starting to feel neglected anyway.

Red boots.

Snow and ice that reminds me of sea foam along the shoreline.

The cows giving me that "what you doing out in the snow gurl?" look.


Looking up.

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