Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Discovering New Music: Freebies

Oh, hey there.  

I hate to be all awkward. But. 

I like you. So I'm going to do something nice for  you. 

You don't really seem like the candy and jewelry type, so how about the heads up on some music that is not only beautiful to your soul (your soul, man, your soul), but also won't take any change out of your harmonica fund. That's right, free stuff. Now, not completely free, let's not be selfish. The rules of good music karma says you must pass along good music when you find it. Make a mix playlist/CD/tape of some or your newly discovered favorite songs for a friend. Invite someone to a live music event. In the past, I have bought an extra ticket to a concert knowing that I'll find a music friend just in time, and I usually do.  Blog/Tweet/Facebook/Intagram/ about the music you like. Odds are that one of your metadata friends is just looking for some new music. Hold a giant boom box over your head in someone special's front yard (ok, you may want to think really carefully before doing that one). If any these songs seem to fit that little empty space in your head in between this week's shopping list and the-what should I do with the rest of my life- list, then tell someone. Tell anyone, heck, tell me, that you just found this great song. 

Now, all the below songs are completely free to download. Legally free to download. We're all class acts, right? Let's make sure we are properly taking care of the artists making these sounds. They need to eat, they need new banjo strings. Support the bands you love however you can.  Technology and the series of tubes we call the Internet, have made it easier to break the wall between the performer and the audience, and give your support and money directly to band, not the huge music business machine that ruled the sound waves for so long. So if you can,  throw a little bit back to these fine folks, if you like a song, buy the album. Do your part. And the musical world will continue to turn. (Cue the Kumbaya choir)

For some of these songs you will need to enter an email address to get the download.  I have an email address that I use solely for music purposes to keep it separate from all other emails. Other songs will download automatically once you hit "download." Rocket science, I know.  Also, the artists have the right to pull the free download status of any of these songs at anytime. So if you find that the songs are no longer available or free, you wanted too long. Shame. 

1. Live at the Iveagh Gardens/Josh Ritter. Mr Ritter has an entire live album for free download on Noisetrade. And with all the pennies you just saved, you can buy his new album, The Beast in It's Tracks

2. Love Will Only Break Your Heart/The David Mayfield Parade. Good Man Down, the new album from the parade man himself is set to be released on April 1 (hopefully that aint no joke), but as a teaser, since he is such a tease, the song "Love Will Only Break Your Heart" is up for free download on his website.

3. Stick Around/David Ramirez.  David Ramirez. Never heard of him? What. You should. There might be a quiz about his music in heaven. You can download his song, "Stick Around" off his website. I swear, the lyrics in this song are directly from a conversation that I had with someone recently--having a reason to stick around someplace. I need to hear this, the words and the song, over and over. I am starting to get the wanderlust twitches. 

4. Mike Clark & The Sugar Sounds Chapel Session. If you don't read I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, music blog, then, uh, maybe you need to reexamine your life. Ok, your life is probably fine, but really it is a great blog, lost of good music to listen to, lots of good words to read. Heather Browne, the mastermind behind blog also records Chapel Sessions with bands in a church and then provides the sessions for free download. Good music karma, y'all. (p.s. why can't I stop saying y'all? I feel like I am inching closer to that line of buying a pair of overalls. Help). I can't stop listening to Mike Clark and the Sugar Sounds session. It's deep and soulful and just hits that inner chord that shakes you a little bit more alive. 

5. The Austin 100/NPR. The SXSW (South by Southwest) music/art extravaganza is going on right now in Austin, Texas and my Facebook and Instagram feeds won't let me forget about all the bands I'm not seeing. But NPR has all of our backs.  They have posted 100 songs from some of the most talked about bands performing during the festival. NPR is so nice, it makes me want to buy all of their tote bags. You can download all the songs as one zip file OR just the songs you like/love/want to marry the sound of. 

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