Sunday, March 10, 2013

Black Flag is Touring. Whaaat? Is it 1984 again?

Can you reach a point of being too old to make new friends?

I think I am about at the point in  my life. I mean, I don't ask for much, just a nice boy to talk about feelings with. Our feelings, that is, about Black Flag touring without Henry Rollins.

Seriously, I need someone to have this conversation with.

 Greg Ginn, founder of this legendary American punk rock band, is still in the band, um, founder,  and Ron Reyes who was vocalist numero dos for the band (Henry was #4, for those keeping track) is also involved in this latest reunion. So it is still Black Flag.

But there is some strange sense of loyalty that I have for Henry Rollins. Maybe it is because we both roamed the streets of DC at different times in our lives, maybe because he helped me overcome a bad day, or maybe it is because of the album, "Damaged," which Mr. Rollins sings vocals on.  It is currently spinning on my turntable, which may or may not be related to the very first sentence in this post. It is one of those go-to albums when you just need to right the world a little.  And especially when that "right" needs to be really, really, really, loud. And before you even ask, yes, good punk rock should always be listened to on vinyl.

But who I am kidding with all these words. For sure, I'll be at the Black Flag show when it rolls through the Granada Theater, across the border there in Kansas in early June. (full tour dates here). There was never any question. When I missed seeing the Ramones and then they all started dying off, I told myself never again. Black Flag is Black Flag, legends are legends, simple as that. Music of my life.  And the people watching at this show has the potential of being epic; old punk rockers (wait, is that me?) vs modern day hipsters (wait, is that me?). 

Post Script: former Black Flag members Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski and Bill Stevenon are also touring this year, under the name, "The Flag" playing some tunes from Black Flag history. And Henry Rollins, is well, still doing his own thing.

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