Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Song of the Week: Monsters of Folk

I was at one of those random stores the other day. You know that kind that aren't thrift stores but are filled with stuff that fell off trucks or are overstocks or are I don't even really know where all the stuff comes from. Totally legit though, totally random and legit.

I came across a pile of records and most of the pile were several, like tons, of copies of the same album, an album and band that no one should be listening too, so let's just forget I even brought them up. But then I came across another album that had a sticker on the front with the magic words, blue vinyl. Any colored vinyl records are just fun to find. Then I moved my eyes away from the sticker and actually realized what the album was and then I skipped gleefully to the checkout to plop down my 2 dollars. Maybe skipped is an exaggeration, but there was definitely a spring in my step.

Monsters of Folk is a super group made up of Conor Oberst  and Mike Mogis (from Bright Eyes), Jim James (from My Morning Jacket),  and M. Ward ( from She & Him). Super. Group. The self titled album has been out since 2009, but it is now, like right now as I type this, taking it's folky soulful wonderment for a spin on my turntable. Score at the random store!

And P.S. blue vinyl is so pretty:

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