Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Song of the Week: Josh Ritter

I was in a friend's car this weekend driving along the cold and snow lined streets of Kansas City when "Girl in the War," started to play out of the sound system.  I thought, Man, why isn't Josh Ritter a bigger sensation then he is? He really should be huge. His songs truly make me see songwriting as a craft, weaving thoughtful words and just the right musical notes together.

"Girl in the War," is such a beautiful song. When we hear the word, WAR, we often think about major military assaults, tanks and boots on the ground. But a lot of us are fighting our own little wars in our little lives. We can often acknowledge all this in our lives (woe is me), but it's good every now then to realize that other people around us are also fighting their own wars too. Let's form some alliances.

The only thing I know to do
 Is turn up the music and  pray she makes it through

In other Josh Ritter news:
His new album, The Beast in Its Tracks, is set to be released next Tuesday, March 5, but you can stream the album, in entirety, right now (RIGHT NOW)  on NPR. You are one lucky duck.  "Hopeful" and "Nightmares" are some favorite new tracks of the moment. 

Mr. Ritter will be touring in support of the new album March -May in the US and July in Europe.  He will be doing a FREE Record Store Day (remember that from yesterday?) Performance at Vintage Vinyl in St Louis on April 20.  See, Missouri, you are cool, don't let anyone ever call you a fly over state again! Full tour dates here.

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  1. I totally have this on my calendar. Can't. Wait.