Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day!

I have been running my mouth about wanting snow all winter now and today it came! The morning hours were near white-out conditions with heavy snow and strong winds and even some thundersnow

We got almost a foot of snow this morning alone!

We had a break in the snow in the afternoon, and with all the sincerity in every single cell of my body, thank goodness for ridiculously nice neighbors with Bobcats. The machine, not the actual cats. My driveway is pretty long and it would of taken me all day to shovel out.  Even though I resigned myself to stay housebound for the day, it is nice to know that I could leave if I needed too. Trapped is not a feeling that looks good on me. 

 I still had a good deal of shoveling to do around the doors and such, and coming in from the cold, there is no better way to warm my bones then some hot chocolate with 3 giant marshmellows.  3 is a magic number. 

The snow started again in the early evening and I don't have the heart to look out the window right now to see if it has stopped. I know I have been doing the snow dance for many a week now, but I had plans this week and weekend. Stuff I have been looking forward to, stuff I should of done weeks ago. Thanks, Universe for a lesson in the pitfalls of procrastination. You're hilarious. 

A couple more photos taken from the warm side of some frosty windows:

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