Monday, February 25, 2013

Picture of the Week

This past weekend was my first dinner party back in the Midwest and I was nervous. Ever since returning home I have been a little unsettled about meeting new people. I guess that I am used to every social interaction being like a job interview: what do you do, why are you here, justify your existence in  100 words or less.  And with my life being so blank lately, at least at the surface, I cringed at the idea of small talk. I mean, how do I make my life sound exciting and interesting when I am still trying to figure it all out?

 But I made my little key lime cheesecakes, unpacked my stripy straws and dinner partied with some old friends and new faces. And you know what? It wasn't awkward.  I don't think one person asked what I did for a paycheck or why I moved back. It felt, in a very comforting and freeing way, that no one cared about my past, they seemed happy that I was there in the present.  I didn't have to prove anything or justify anything, other than my skillz in a spontaneous game of Name That Tune. Now, I am little competitive by nature and if you throw music into the mix, then watch out friends. By some law of the universe,  I had to answer any song hint with what some may call gusto, others may call yelling; NEIL DIAMOND, SWEET CAROLINE  (do, do, do). Living in the moment. With my outdoor voice. 

I also overused the word awesome. Seriously guys, don't let my use that word until at least April.

It took me about month, maybe a month too long, to give up the stoicism of a solitary life.  Maybe as I find a couple more of pieces of my new life I will also get better about telling the stories of the stuff below the surface, but for right now, shared meals and random music trivia are mighty fine. 

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