Sunday, February 10, 2013

Picture of the Week

A new life.

One of the things that I loved about living in Virginia was that I was 2 hours from the beach and curling my toes in the sand and standing in the waves on literally the edge of the continent. I was also about 2 hours away from Shenandoah and the Blue Ridge Mountains, hiking on elevated trails and high lookouts and  feeling like I was on top of the world. I love being in nature, I feel so much like, well, my natural self. Needless to say, I ran away a lot. Some weekend mornings would come and I would wake up with the feeling I had to get away. I had to leave. And so I did, I would get in my car and point myself east for the beach and west for the mountains. And even if I could only spend a couple hours at my desired location, it was enough to recharge my little heart and fill my lungs with enough air to get through the next little bit of life.

And now I live smack dab in the middle of the country.  I love the Midwest, and I have learned, especially this year, that I am in fact a Midwest girl through and through, but this week I just felt so suffocated by my current geography. There is no ocean in Missouri. THERE IS NO OCEAN IN MISSOURI. Mountains, on the other hand, we have the Ozarks down south, which I am planning a little trip to soon. But when I needed to run away, I found my options, or I guess my good old stand-bys, lacking and non-existent.

So, I hung out with the neighborhood cows. They are about as close to nature as I could muster this week. And the little guy was only 2 days old when I took the above picture. I watched him wobbled around on his new legs and investigate and explore his new world. Then the next day he was a little bit stronger and then the next day or so he was running, running! 

I think that one of the hardest lessons in starting over, is, well, starting over. Taking those baby steps on wobbly legs. Learning to walk when  you see everyone else running. I've been missing DC this week, especially seeing all the business at the Capitol going on. I don't miss everything, that is for sure, but I miss being part of something. Something big and important, something to talk about during dinner parties and feeling like I am doing something with my life. 

But this new life, full of baby cows and without smelly subway commutes is the life that I chose. And I chose it because, even with moments of fleeting doubt, I know it is the right thing for me right now. So I guess I will just keep putting one foot in front of the other until I learn to run again. 

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  1. You are missed too! And if you ever need a trip to the beach...well, we're a relatively quick plane ride away! (though I won't point out that if you're going to get on a plane there are better places to come than here :)