Saturday, February 2, 2013

Picture of the Week

A blank page.

One of the {many} reasons that I decided to come back to the Midwest was so I could concentrate more on my writing. Storytelling is a a huge part of my nature. Ever since I could remember, I have been writing words and stories. From little stories about princesses and wizards written in crayon to overly dramatic/angst filled teenager journals, to creative writing classes and published op/eds to  travel notes and endless lists. Words. Words. Words. 

Everyday I schedule some time to sit down at the computer and write. I had the misguided notion that now that I am free from my job, and the associated stress (freeeeee!), now that I am open to feel and now that I have time, the words would just come.  Ta da, I am here, come to me. But that hasn't exactly happened. Some days I will sit and stare at my computer and nothing comes. My toes grow cold. My cup of tea grows cold. And still there I sit, staring at a blank page.  Other days, it will take me an entire hour to write a single satisfactory sentence. And then there are days that words seem to come out of the air and I type as fast as I can to catch them before they float away and disappear. It has reminded me that even with talent and good intentions, creation and art takes hard work. It takes time and effort and at times, maybe more times than should be admitted, tears and biting all my nails off, and pacing the floor and cursing. Maybe I shouldn't admit to the cursing. I have forgotten that every good word may cost a little bit of myself.  I have to remember that that cost is worth it.

So each day I will continue to sit and tap on my little keys and stare at my glowing computer screen, pushing myself a little harder, a little further. 

Some little things I have found that help the creative juices:

Read, read, read! I have found that the more the read the easier it seems to write. The more I surround myself with words the more familiar they feel.

I always carry a little notebook around with me. You never know when a delightful little sentence or a brilliant idea will come to you. And you also don't know how fleeting those sentences and ideas will be, so get them down on paper ASAP!

Argyle socks totally help with keeping your toes warm. 

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