Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mark Your Calendars: Record Store Day!

Ok kids, grab your calendars and a red pen. Flip to April, April 20th to be exact and circle that red letter  day, big and bright. April 20, 2013 is the 5th annual Record Store Day, a day to celebrate independent records stores. Real music stores, like in real buildings. Not online warehouses, not huge chain stores, but Ma and Pop, brick and mortar, indie stops. The kind that you can happily spend hours flipping through rows and piles of records and cds and cassettes. The kind where the guy and gal behind the counter will talk your ears off about this release or that band and you leave with a lot bigger pile of new music treasures than you even knew you needed. 

I get a great deal of my music digitally these days, I'll admit that. It's convenient, it's instant gratification, and in some cases it is more cost efficient  for the band/musician; some smaller bands can't afford the packaging and distribution that comes with making the physical medium of music. But there is just something about pulling a vinyl record out of the sleeve and putting it on the turntable. There is just something about reading all the liner notes, right down to all the acknowledgements. There is just something about listening to an entire album in sequence and feeling how all the songs connect, instead of just cherry picking songs. There is just something about holding something physical in your hands, and think, wow this is music.

Last week it was announced that a Mr. Jack White was named as the Record Store Day Ambassador for 2013.  And like a hipster in skinny jeans, it is a perfect fit. Jack White not only owns his own record store/record label  (Third Man Records in Nashville), but is a huge supporter of independent music and the preservation of the experience of listening to and falling in love with music. 

He also released a statement about Record Store Day.  You need to read this. I'm tempted to ask/tell/demand you to write a book report about it, but I really don't have the power to assign book reports, so just read it and then we stay friends.

You can find out more about Record Store Day, Record Store Day Special Events and find local record shops in your area here.

Long time blog readers already know that I am a huge Jack White fan, but if you still haven't joined me in the boat, feast your eyes and ears on his cover of Little Willie John's song, "I'm Shakin'". 'Cause what is better than Jack White? TWO Jack Whites. Mercy. 

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