Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life Lately in My Missouri

What I've been up to . . . .

I made chocolate chip pancakes as part of our Pancake Tuesday festivities. They reminded me of those Rorschach ink tests. I see a big oak tree under a moon.

A couple of nights a month I volunteer with some young folk and we made valentines this month. Awsome is way better than being awesome. No needs that extra "e"?

I also got some pretty sweet surprises in the mail. Thank you! Other than spending all day at the DMV, Valentine's Day wasn't too shabby this year. 

I've been trying to be better about menu planning, but let's be honest, I usually fall asleep too.  Peanut butter out of the jar again for lunch!

How about that local sports team? The Kansas City Royals (baseball team) gold crown is based on the Hallmark Gold Crown. Hallmark is HQ'd here in the KC. I'm just full of fun facts. 

Our local Social Services has a pancake breakfast fundraiser every year. Pancakes and helping the community?  You better bet your Blue Bucks I'm there! DC joke.

 It snowed just enough last weekend to make a couple of snowballs. I waited and waited and waited for an unsuspecting target, but alas, my stockpile melted.  P.S. I won't recommend Vans as the best snow shoes. Guess who still can't find the box with the majority of her shoes? {meekly raises hand}. But if it can't be done in Vans, ballet flats, running shoes or a sassy pair of black heels (all the shoes I can find right now) is it really worth doing?
 We are expecting a big winter storm tonight. I can't express how happy I am not to be in DC during snowfall. Gosh, I'm still pretty keen on DC,  evident by how many times I am referencing it in this post, but they can't handle bad weather. It snows every year in DC, but every year with the first sign of snowflakes the whole area goes into --the sky is falling--apocalyptic meltdown mode. I wish I was being overly dramatic, but I am pretty sure some DC friends can back me up on this one.  There is an insane panic in the stores, people  grabbing everything off the shelves, accidents galore on the beltway, public transportation stops. It's bad. Here, people preparing for coming storms by driving their truck instead of their car. The end.

You guys. You guys. All my tambourines have been accounted for. Phew. (The ones from India are here too, they were just too prissy and didn't want to be in the picture).

I'm learning to sew, one 1950's housewife apron at a time.

Over the long President's Day Holiday weekend I went and saw some friends down in southern Missouri. They kept apologizing for not being exciting hosts, because we really didn't do anything, but the trip and stay was exactly what I needed. Walking the dogs along gravel roads  . . .  

And saw old one room school houses, complete with outhouses . . .

 And lots of old barns. Theses are pretty good pictures for being taken while be dragged along by a very strong basset hound, huh?

And visiting Old Order Mennonite General Stores. Like real general stores that have every odd and end, and not the fake tourist trap ones you often find in Amish Country. My friends actually buy a lot of their dry goods at these stores instead of modern grocery stores, because of the better quality and prices. And I'm pretty sure not a lot of tourists visit out here. I'm not really sure why, the baked goods are pretty terrific. But every time I go into a General Store I have to fight the urge to ask for some Dapper Dan Pomade. O Brother, Where Art Thou joke. 

Every now and then you just need a break from life and sit at a friendly kitchen counter and break into Irish drinking songs. Sometimes that is really all you need. 

I know that since the Lumineers were nominated for a Grammy they are so mainstream now and my hipster rule books says that I really shouldn't listen to them anymore, but let's be totally ironic and still adore them. One of my favorite shows of the 2012 were the Lumineers and Old Crow Medicine Show. So much fun and joy in a single show. I clapped my hand raw and stomped my feet silly that night. Local radio stations have been playing "Stubborn Love," a lot out in these here airwaves, and holy Hannah, I just love that song. 

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