Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Song of the Week: Ivan & Alyosha

I knew that I would love the band Ivan & Alyosha before I even heard a single note of any of their songs. I knew that I would love them based 100% on their name. Ivan & Alyosha are two of the brothers in The  Brothers Karamazov, the glorious novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. To say that I love The Brothers K (as all the cool literature kids call it) is an understatement. I love it deeply and honestly. After I read it I just have to carry it around with me a little longer, just to feel its weight, both literally and figuratively. 

I try not to judge, but it does break my heart a little tiny bit, when I meet someone that hasn't at least attempted to read The Brothers K. I know, I know, Russian literature is so intimidating, the book is so big, there are no Broadway musical about it. But just pick it up, I'll bring you snacks to help you get through it. Promise. 

 For those unfamiliar with the book, (sigh), and in a very simplistic nutshell,  Ivan is an atheist (mostly) and Alyosha cultivates his simple faith at a monastery. Their faith and lack of faith is a constant balance and unbalance in the novel. And to me, that is life, that is art, that is every struggle and victory.  Faith and the lack of faith. So when I heard about a band called Ivan & Alyosha, it was love. Good thing they are a great sounding band too.

They are releasing a new album, All the Times We Had, in February, but a new video for the track, "Be Your Man," has been  making the internet rounds as of late. And for good reason. Listen. Love. Share.

They will be touring all spring in support of their new album (see tour dates here). A night of music that will be very worth your time. And I am fairly certain there won't be a Russian Literature quiz at the show. Well, about 75% certain.

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