Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Song of the Week: Blind WIllie McTell

File this under things not to talk about on a first date, I maybe should see a professional for, but I totally feel OK blogging about on all the Internets: I have a slight fear of dying in my sleep. As far as fears go, it's not that bad, in the sense that it isn't a constant thing and doesn't affect my daily life. I've had it ever since I can remember and really don't think about how or why it started. Like I said, it isn't constant, but a couple times a year, it does freak my soul out enough that I make myself stay awake until first light. Phew, still alive. 

So, if you ever get random emails from me at strange hours, especially with the caps lock seemingly stuck on, it is probably one of those nights. If you ever catch me in the kitchen peeling potatoes at 3 AM in morning (true story), it is probably one of those nights. Saturday was one of those nights.

I spent most of the night (after sending a series of random emails) laying on my bedroom floor listening to old blues and jazz records;  Papa Charlie Jackson (blues banjo!), Bessie Smith, Robert Johnson, and Blind Willie McTell.  Now, listening to the Blues in a moment where you fear death is both incredibly sad and incredibly beautiful. 

Blind Willie McTell:  Searching the Desert for the Blues

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