Monday, January 7, 2013

So. This Is Really Happening.

All the words that have been sprewing out of mouth have finally caught up with me. All this talk about moving, and getting on with my life and leaving and going and coming and becoming and all the other ---ings, all have suddenlly become more then just sounds and symbols and words.

This weekend I started packing. Like for real. Like actually putting things in boxes.
And for the record, I do believe in packing in Dewy Decimal order, more or less. 

Packing is a quick and dirty landscape of your life.  All your literal baggage from the last months and years and adventures and pitfalls. All the treasures, all the crap. What do you keep? What do let go?

I have a little over a week to pack, so I have the benefit of time. Each day I focus on one thing, or one group of things. One day it is my books, or my papers, or my kitchen things or my tambourines. Today it was my clothes.  The sorting wasn't that bad until I started pulling out my t-shirts. Good Golly Miss Molly.
If you want to know me and the loves of my life, look to my t-shirts. Trips, concerts, educational pursuits, jobs, they are all there. I wear my heart of my sleeve (Geesh-- too much?).  There were a couple, maybe 3 or 4 that I could get rid of, but soon the piles of the ones that I just couldn't give up grew and towered.  One of my housemates came in as I was  on folding marathon. "I should be embarrassed by the amount of t-shirts I own," I said, "But I'm really not." "Don't be," she said pointing to all the piles, "Look at all the fun things you have done with your life."

Look at that indeed.  

Since I will, in all reality, be a vagabond for the next couple months (can I come sleep on your couch? I'll make you pancakes.) I am trying to be conscious in my packing. Somethings are going to be in storage for awhile, so bubble wrap had to be procured .  So grown up. 
You're Already Home Where You Feel Love.
Home. Love. Still trying figure out those words. 

But packing hasn't been all toil and strife. In such a short time I have been quite well verse in daytime television.  And that me tell you, there are a lot of cray-cray people who find themselves in front of a camera between the hours of 9 and 6. So many train wrecks you just can't stop watching. So bad.  Thank goodness that  are our magic tv rabbit ears have sudden picked up a new channel that only plays UK shows.  New soap operas, new cop shows and best of all, lunch breaks with Dr. Who.
Don't tell #4, but #10 is totally my favorite (if you understand this, HIGH FIVE). Also my favorite, Genoa salami and banana pepper topped pizza. 

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