Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sea to Shining Sea Road Trip Mix Tape

I will be driving across the country in the next couple days. ROAD TRIP. Well, driving a big old truck across mountains in the middle of winter (what is this snow thing the weather folk keeping mentioning? Stop it.), isn't exactly the funniest of road trips. But let's focus on the bright side; bulk peanut M&Ms and road trip tunes. 

Because I love to over think most things in my life, and maybe needed to take a break from packing, I imposed the following rules for this play list: Start on the east coast, and go all the way to the west coast. All song titles must either include a name of a state, or city. The song order follows a make believe route (not the one I am taking, because I am not insane), with all songs/states sharing a geographical border with the previous song/state. 

(All links go to You Tube videos of the songs. I take no responsibility for ads or comments)

1. Virginia --Chris Merritt
2. Baltimore Blues No. 1 -- Deer Tick
3. The Weight -- The Band.  
And here is where I break my own rules. Pennsylvania songs are hard to find, and how can I pass up this classic road trip song that begins with, "I pulled into Nazareth . . " Nazareth, PA that is. 
4. New York, New York -- Ryan Adams
(Now, hop on a boat across (Lake Erie)
5. Michigan--The Milk Carton Kids
6. Back Home Again In Indiana -- Louis Armstrong
7. Chicago-- Sufjan Stevens
8. Kansas City--The Beatles. 
And to be clear, they were singing about Kansas City, MO. For sure. 
9. Arkansas-Damien Jurado
10. New Orleans--Trampled by Turtles
11. Living on the Edge (of Houston)--Reverend Horton Heat
12. Oklahoma Hills--Arlo Guthrie
13. Colorado Girl--Townes Van Zandt
14. Nebraska--Bruce Springsteen
15. Song of Wyoming-John Denver
16. Idaho--Josh Ritter
17. Portland, Oregon--Loretta Lynn (featuring Jack White). 
If you haven't clicked over to any other song on this list, you must (MUST!) listen to this song. 
Purrrrdy perfect. 

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