Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life Lately: Holiday Edition

I've had a hard time finding the holiday spirit this year. But little things have been helping, like meddling in the kitchen and then randomly showing up on people's doorsteps with baked goods.

Also, Christmas music, lots and lots of Christmas music. Thanks for the mixes, Miranda and Amy!

Totally unexpected one day, a giant sparkly Christmas tree greeted me as I came up from the underground subway. 

Somedays you just need fancy cheese. Somedays you have to use a coffee filter as a plate.

 I took my favorite shortbread cookies to a holiday party and didn't exactly get a picture before they were devoured. Lots of butter and sugar will get you lots of friends.

You may remember this guy from last year. I had hopes that certain people had come to their senses, but nope, creepy snowman made his triumphant return this week. 

The Hobbit! You may have read reviews that this movie is too long and other disparaging things, but I loved it. It is intense (they spared no expense making those orcs scary), and it is almost 3 hours, so you have to pace your bathroom breaks. However, there was only one point where I thought, 'This would be a good place to end it. No, still going? Ok." But as I was explaining to a friend, in a very high pitched voice because I was excited, I loved it because of the familiarity of the story. I grew up with this series, they were my dad's favorites and he would tell us stories from their pages before we could we read them ourselves. And when the world seems so chaotic you need a little familiarity, even, or maybe especially, when it comes in the form a little hobbit named Bilbo. And Martin Freeman makes a fantastic Bilbo. So there may be some technical things 'wrong' but the movie is still the story that I love.  And I cried at end. Boy, did I. 

 Peppermint Bark is my favorite seasonal candy, and with so many brands and such a limited time to get your hands on some,  finding the best has become a mission for me. Not that all this taste testing is hard. 

Gifting some favorite words. People still read poetry, right?

When I started to clean out my desk at work I found 6 (!) boxes of tea. I started to become a big tea drinker when I started my job because everyone would bring a cup of coffee to early morning meetings and I felt odd not having a cup of something. I'm not a coffee drinker, so herbal tea became my hot beverage of choice. And even when I don't have meetings, I will usually make myself a cup around 10:30 am, declare it tea time, and take a few (needed) minutes break.

A little birthday cake. I am usually not a huge cake person, unless of course, it is my birthday. Years and years ago I had red velvet cake at my grandmother's house for the first time and decided that day that it was going to be my birthday cake, and it has been ever since.  Another year older, and hopefully wiser. 

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  1. Has FB failed me again and I missed your birthday? I hope you got to have a fantastic birthday. And I'm excited to see you soon! :)