Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Is How We Roll

Or, more accurately, this is how we stroll through ancient streets while eating strawberry gelato that  is so good I am positive it has unicorn tears in it.

I hope to start my long soliloquies and photo bombs about my time in Italy when my intentions match up with my time and energy levels, but I had to share (ie, brag/impress you with) our mileage totals. My sister has a fancy pants pedometer she wore during the trip and she sent us the stats today:

Thu 11/15   7,500 steps,  22 floors,   3.37 miles   (travel to Rome)
Fri   11/16   2,097 steps,  16 floors,   0.93 miles  (Rome)
Sat  11/17  18,393 steps, 48 floors,   8.16 miles   (Vatican)
Sun 11/18   27,915 steps, 81 floors,  12.38 miles  (Ancient Rome ie: Coliseum, Forum, a very public and very dramatic reenactment of the death of Julius Caesar by yours truly, other random tourist spots that usually ended with us talking to the polizia (um, hem, the police))

Mon 11/19  18,703 steps,  40 floors,  8.3 miles    (Pompeii)
Tue  11/20  17,286 steps,  42 floors,  7.67 miles   (Florence)
Wed 11/21  18,590 steps,  42 floors,  8.25 miles   (Florence)
Thu  11/22  19,709 steps,  66 floors,  8.74 miles   (Florence)
Fri   11/23  10,823 steps,  19 floors,   4.8 miles    (Venice)
Sat  11/24  18,088 steps,  67 floors,  8.02 miles   (Venice)
Sun 11/25    7,089 steps,  5 floors,    3.15 miles   (Venice, travel home)

Totals: 73.77 miles, which is almost 3 marathons
              448 flights of stairs, 166,197 steps, which I am preeeeety sure is the distance up to the moon.

Can't keep us down. 

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