Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sounds: Damion Suomi and The Minor Prophets

The 'About' section on Damion Suomi and the Minor Prophets' Facebook begins with a very telling sentence:

Well, I think there is a real air of mystery about us.

And let me tell you, that aint no lie.  I came across their song, 'Let My Love' while skimming through my iTunes music library as I was compiling my October mix tape (I know, I know, it is November). I have no idea where the song came from, where I got it, or when or how I downloaded it. But what I do know is that I cannot stop playing and listening and clapping along to it. It's just great and gosh, makes me so happy.  So . . . . I am betting on immaculate 

And FYI, clapping aloud and along  to music only you can hear (through your earphones) on a crowded subway train is an awesome way to get more personal space.

Adding to their air of mystery, I couldn't find any information on if they are touring, so maybe and  hopefully,  one day they will just magically appear playing their music in our home towns.

(Their music is available on iTunes, and if you indeed find a current touring schedule, pass it along, I feel we all need some preaching from these prophets!) 

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