Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Song of the Week: Joe Strummer

These last couple weeks have been a blur. I have been putting in many, many, 12 hour days (even Saturdays!) at work which have thrown my inner clock off. I am, by nature, a night owl. But these days I fall sleep crumbled on my bed, sometimes still in my work clothes by 9pm and I am waking up around 3am in a panic attack thinking of the amount of work I still need to do. Fun fact: 3am is an awesome time to do laundry. Then train, work, train,  restless sleep, and it all starts over again, 6 days a week, and then Sunday I sleep all day long. So this is my life now. 

I wish I could say that I am cool and confident about it all. Well, I am confident that my work will get done, people keep saying that we are ahead of schedule, but my facade is anything but cool. I am stressed out and anxious most of the time, which could account for the random baked goods that have been appearing more frequently at my desk.  But when I feel myself inching toward the breaking point, usually when an intern tells me that they don't do manual labor, I take a little walk in the maze of hallways in my building with my headphones on and familiar comforting songs playing in between my ears, even just for a moment or two. It helps. 

Joe Strummer has been a huge music influence in my life. You probably have heard of a little band of his called The Clash and their radio classics, "Should I Stay or Should I Go," and "Rock the Casbah," but their catalog is so rich.  Joe Strummer also had a successful solo career until his untimely death in 2002. "Silver and Gold," is a favorite song from that solo career, and an important track on my, don't go crazy, playlist. 

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