Thursday, November 1, 2012

Snapshots From A Stormy Weekend

Mother Nature is powerful. Shock and Awe.  Honestly, I was merely inconvenienced by the storm, nothing compared to those up north.  Sure, I was cranky, and cold, and lost my connection to the virtual world, but I still have the real world. I still have my house, and my car, and food and water and my harmonica.  

Before the rains and the winds came, an early morning camp out in the car repair shop came. My car is fine, my credit card isn't.  I figure it is best to get my car ready for the move back home while I still have a paycheck. 

Never take my wailing and gnashing of teeth for a dislike of my work. I love my actual work, and catching up in a quiet office on a Saturday reminds me of that.

But then I got sick, and drank approximately 14,385 cups of tea.

I may of gone overboard with my October Mixed Tape. Oops. So much good music. I MUST HAVE IT ALL.

It started to rain and didn't stop for two days.

Our power went out on Monday night, but I couldn't stop watching the storm pass overhead. I found some candles and sat on the kitchen window seat and stared with awe at Mother Nature. I kept thinking that I really shouldn't be sitting by a huge {glass} window during a hurricane, but I was mesmerized. 

Hot and Sour Soup (with rice noodles) and orange juice were partook by the gallon, warmth and healing for the sicky body.

 I live in an older house, and most of the time, "old" translates into charming. Except in the colder months of the year, when "old" means drafty. Blanket forts were built.  

Thank goodness for gas stoves.

Thank goodness also for rainbows of fallen leaves.

You might think I am just being quirky when I call Cool Ranch Doritos THE apocalyptic snack food of choice. But guess what the store was out of after the storm? 

Sitting in the car, a warm car, in the rain, charging my phone. The best lesson learned from the summer storm was always have a car charger for your phone. 

When I thought I was on the break of insanity, I wandered the aisles of Target. I want new dishes. I don't need new dishes. Except if I break all my old dishes. Then I would need new dishes, saith the crazy lady. 

The only real time that I broke down was when my flashlight broke. I was stumbling around in the dark looking for my tool box and tripped over something and I came tumbling down. It was then, and only then, that I cried. I don't get the single girl woes very often, but at that moment I just wanted someone there to fix my flashlight and to play card games by candlelight and to go for walks looking for broken trees after the storm. I just wanted to know that when the end comes I wouldn't be alone.  And so I let loneliness sweep over me for just a moment, and then I fixed my own flashlight. Big things like storms make us realize what the important things in life really are. Internets, and perishable food and heat are important and good for us, but people, they are the real deal in our survival kits. 


  1. I think these huge "end of the world" storms have a way of showing us our utter mortality, both the good and the bad. I had similar lonely thoughts and moments of girl power and came out of it all a little stronger and a little more dedicated to figuring out how to not spend the next storm alone. But I didn't make Star Wars cookies. Epic fail on my part!

  2. Two things:
    1. I honestly thought you'd taken a picture of the Apple load circle. Turns out it just made me miss my gas stove.
    2. HOLY MUSIC lady. That's a lot of eyes-closed listening. Go, you!

    Okay, and maybe a third. I'm glad you made it out alive.