Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Song of the Week: The Felice Brothers

There are a lot of obvious things that I love about this song, “Her Eyes Dart Round,” by the Felice Brothers; the accordion, the harmonica, the Dylan-esque strain in the vocals. But there is also something deeper.  There are a lot of folk bands these days with this current mainstream folk revival. There are a lot banjos walking across the stage. And after a while, a lot of them start to all blend together. But when a band like the Felice Brothers comes along with their beautiful simple songs layered in truth and honesty, you take notice. And then you hit the repeat button 457 times. The “goodness” of a song sometimes can’t be explained with words, since that would strip it of its musical parts. But the ears and maybe a little bit of the heart can tell the difference between a one hit wonder and truth.

My musical romantic mind likes to picture folks bands as the wandering scribes and poets and prophets of our time. So maybe when this folk thing dies down and is shadowed by whatever the next big shiny new music thing will be,  these folksters  will return to the mountain tops and street corners from whence they came or keep moving down the line, bound for glory. (Yep, still on a Guthrie high). But their stories, which are our stories too, after all we, by definition, are the folk, will still remain, waiting to be retold, on the record player, iPod and occasional sing along by a campfire.
"Her Eyes Dart Round" can be found on the Felice Brothers’ album, God Bless You Amigo, and can be purchased on their website. This album is well worth the five dollars and the incredible story behind the making of the album (read here) involves freak hurricanes, old fiddle tunes and rare skin disorders.  

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