Monday, October 22, 2012

Sometimes I Bake

One of the side effects of catching canning fever is piles of jars; jars that every speck and drop of blueberry basil and strawberry balsamic jams have been scraped out. I am trying to transition all my food storage (every day Tupperware food storage, not end of the world food storage. I have come to terns with the fact that during the apocalypse, I'll be the person huddled in some dark corner eating Cheez-Its crumbs out the box. ) into glass containers instead of plastic, but except for spices I have a hard storing anything into the smaller jars. So I do what I always do when I am in a jam (so witty, I am); I make pie. Or cake.

I have been using half pint jars to make single serving deserts, or breakfasts. I firmly believe that one of the trade offs for having to pay bills as an adult is that you are allowed to eat pie for breakfast. 'Cause you're grown up.  Half pints seem to the be the perfect size, you get enough of the sweet stuff and the satisfaction of scrapping the jar clean. They are also super portable and make a fine gift. 

Red Velvet Cake
I actually made these little cakes for a going away party I hosted for some of my favorite people. And at the end of the night, I just screwed on the lids for all the leftover cakes and handed them to people on their way out. I got rid of the dangerously tempting cake, and the jars. High fives all around! I used this recipe and directions.  I want to emphasize something mentioned in the recipe: do not, under any circumstances, use store bought canned cream cheese frosting on red velvet cake. Yuck. Respect the cake.

No Bake Sweet Potato Cheesecake
I've been a little slow getting into  Fall baking/cooking this year. But these little darlings. Holy Bovine. I used this recipe, and split the crust and filling between four of these squat half pint jars. I swear there were four of them, one wandered off the road and into the my mouth, and didn't make it to the photo shoot. 

Lazy Strawberry Crisp
Once upon a time I found a can of strawberry pie filling in the cupboard. I admit it, i usually turn my nose up to canned pie filling, I mean really, I have to have some type of standards. So I have no idea why it there, but one night, after I long blur of day at work, I needed something pie-ish, but had no desire to roll out a crust, no desire to chop up fruit, that I didn't have. So I poured some pie filling into this delightful  and so much bigger than half pint, Weck jar (thanks M!) made a n easy crumble topping (flour, brown sugar, a handful of oats, and some cold butter), popped it into the oven, until golden brown. I win.

Safety First: if you want to try baking in glass jars, make sure you use jars/glass that has been made and treated to handle high heat, like canning jars or Pyrex, not empty spaghetti sauce jars. 

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