Monday, October 1, 2012

Currently Reading:Everything

Thanks insomnia, I have always wondered what it would be like to read everything that has ever been written.
This is honestly the pile at the end of my bed right this second.

And why yes, I am reading a magazine called Garden & Gun, the food writing is fabulous and I am pretty sure that a recipe for bacon whipped cream will come in handy one day.

Book, magazine, papyrus, clay tablet, recommendations and old wives sleeping tales are currently being accepted. I start running and yoga again tomorrow,  or today, er . . . Monday. This is getting serious.


  1. What worked for me was general conference on my ipod. No joke, I was usually out by the second talk. Plus it helps you know what was said in conference.

  2. You, of course, have great reading taste.

    Ps. Melatonin is a sleep godsend!

  3. My life exactly! I'm currently reading a history of color and it is fascinating! Wish I had a cure for the insomnia though. Right now I'm giving up sugar in the hopes that it will help me sleep...all it does is make me daydream (usually at 3am) about eating something sweet!