Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Music Review (Eventually)

Before moving out to the East Coast I lived in the smallish town of Columbia, Missouri. The reason why it is smallish and not just small is because of the University of Missouri has their main campus there, so during the school year it is a booming metropolis, but you can totally drive across town, in all directions in less than 10 minutes. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Missouri, especially the Missouri that is found in that wide open space between Kansas City and Saint. Louis.  But during those bygone days, after hanging out at the Walmart, and then the other Walmart across town, and then Super Center Walmart, there wasn't much to do, which led to some feats of fancy and deeds of intrigue, some of which, patting myself on the back, are still pretty legendary, especially if you believe in interplanetary space travel.

Most of my tenure in Mid-MO I shared an apartment with a friend, The Green Flash. One Saturday, we decided that what the world was really lacking is choreographed dance moves to Simon & Garfunkel's greatest hits. Don't worry, the world is lacking no more.  Thank goodness gracious this was before Facebook, and You Tube and the viral video documentation of every moment of your life. But if  I do nothing else with my life I am pretty sure that I will be getting some angel high fives in heaven for that night alone.

And all of this leads us to my 2 second review of the new Mumford & Sons album:
Babel is good. Go listen to it. But I feel that my heart is so in love already with other albums right now, that I just have to give it time. Let's stick with that story. Ok, footnote to that story, M&S gigs out all their songs (play them live at gigs), so I already heard most (all?) of the songs, so the album felt a little expected and missed a little bit of the hearing a song for the first time excitement. So come back to me in a month or two when I have given it time and space. Timing is oh so important in finding meaning in music, the right song at the right time of your life.  But if you do get the album, be sure you get the deluxe version that has 3 bonus tracks, including a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "The Boxer". You will have to make up your own dance moves, but here's a tip: end with jazz hands. Always end with jazz hands. 

Mumford & Sons:  The Boxer (also found on Jerry Douglas's album Traveler)
Simon & Garfunkel: The Boxer

In other unrelated music news: Glenn Kotche, the drummer from WILCO, featured one of the photos I took of them at Wolftrap on his tumblr. Life is good. 

{UPDATE: Yeah, so, I really like Babel now, like listen to it every day, like.  It just took one slightly emo, slightly anxiety prone day to make the music click. Music is like any other relationship, sometimes there is love at first sight (or listen), and then there are those relationships that take time, but love is found somewhere along the way.   Favorite songs are: Ghosts We Knew, Babel, Those Below, and Hopeless Wander.}

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