Thursday, September 13, 2012

When I Can't Sleep, I Think About Important Things

When I delete something and the computer asks me if I want to send it to the recycling bin, it presumes that I want it to be recycled. No, I don’t want it to be turned into something else, I want it burned to ashes, and scattered over the sea, or shot into space. I want it destroyed and never to be spoken of again. Tree hugging computer.

Dear food bloggers: too soon, too soon with all the pumpkin recipes! I get it. September. Fall. Crisp air. But you are make me anxious. And one or two really good recipes are better than 100 trying to put pumpkin in every edible thing possible, recipes. Also, I am not ready to think about pumpkin carving,  I mean, how do I out do last year? So much pressure.

Every time I do something really good at work, my first thought usually is, “Oh, I deserve a cookie for that.” But then I remember that am I not five years old.

People are already asking me about New Year’s Eve plans. I do not even know what this is.

I know that technology makes it easy for bands target their audience more, but today I got an email (mailing list, so old school) saying they (the band) will be seeing me in October. Really?  I didn’t know. This is exciting.  What should I wear?  I also think it is adorable that they think that I will drive to North Carolina to see them in concert. Or maybe their zip code thing is a little off.  But wait. They drive to see me, maybe in a van even. It is only fair that sometimes I drive across state lines to see them. And considering what band sent me this email, yeah, I probably will be seeing them in October (not in NC though), and holy cow, try not to embarrass myself.

I work with a lot of healthy, run 13 miles before work, and eat oatmeal more than once a day people. I know they judge me with their eyes when I eat a piece of cake at staff parties, but hey, free cake. 

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