Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Treasures in Close Up

This week for date night with Clive, I pulled out some of my favorite things to work on close up shooting:
My dad's army dog tags 

My grandfather's rosary 

My great aunt's compact

"Vote" bracelet that I wore when I did voter outreach during the 2004 Election.

Service. Faith. Beauty. Duty.

And then there was this:
It is my name in a printer's block, so I can always see my name in print. Clearly not the best shot of the day. 

Obviously, I'm still learning to use my camera and all the settings and buttons. I'm still learning about lighting, and auto focus and manual focus and awkwardly standing on a chair to get different angles.  But  learning means not giving up because my first try wasn't perfect. Learning is being ok with fuzzy pictures and flipping through the manual to look up the same thing over and over again. Learning means many more date nights with Clive. 

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