Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Song of the Week: Noah Gundersen

I swear this week I tried to find something different. I scrolled through my iTunes library, I skimmed favorite music sites. I looked for something with horns, or something poppy,  or something loud, or anything less folky than all the other songs I post. I looked and listened, and while I found many a fine songs, not any that was more than just fine.  But as I sit here, under a open window, way past the bedtime for any responsibly adult,  waiting for storms to roll in and praying for tomorrow, or today, to wait just a little longer to start, I find myself coming back to this song over and and over again. Back to this guy and back to this guitar: "Moss on a Rolling Stone" by Noah Gundersen.
I believe home is a place that I will get someday

"Moss on a Rolling Stone" can be found on his album, Brand New World. 

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