Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Favorite Summer Meal

Tonight was rare. I actually got to make and eat dinner during daylight hours. This was an occasion to celebrate. And celebrate I did by making what has become my favorite summertime meal.

Behold: an open faced grilled cheese sandwich with goat cheese, tomatoes, olives and instead of butter, I grilled the bread in herb infused olive oil. Fancy, I know. I do all this to impress you, you know.

But wait. I'm not done yet. 

How about an ice cream float with homemade watermelon soda and semi-homemade lime ice cream?
This drink is so delirious that even the ice cream is happy to be part of it (see the happy face?). 

If it wasn't for the ugly humidity, I would ask summer to stick around a little longer. But I've already started wearing my Fall boots, and once that happens, there is no turning back. 

Grilled sandwich via Love & Olive Oil
Watermelon Soda Float via The Best Remedy

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  1. The tastes of summer are quickly coming to a close. Always bitter sweet. Until next season, I bid sweet corn, watermelon, peaches, and raspberries adieu.