Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My DC: My Commute

I am one of the commuting huddled masses. I wish I had more pride in that statement, but it is what it is. The DC Metro system is perfectly fine for tourists or people who are in the city for the day, because, bless their hearts, they don't know better. If you ride it every day it can be pretty soul crushing; it's expensive, it's unreliable, and it's the opposite of user friendly. But I choose to live across the bridge, so I ride the train in every day and there are moments among the hot cars, broken escalators, delays, and people talking obnoxiously loud on their mobiles, that provide enough saving grace to make it bearable. 

View of "light" traffic from a pedestrian bridge 

 Parking garage

What people on the Metro are reading 

 Disheveled Mohawk on the Orange Line

Not my train 

Street corner 

DC street poetry 

 There is something that I just love about the scaffolding around the Supreme Court. I thinking it is all the lines.

 It may be just me, but some of the crosswalks seem way wide

 This was an accidental shot as I as crossing the street one day, but I love shadows

 Man with a case on a platform

 Opening elevator doors

Union Station


  1. I know it seems crazy, but I totally miss my commute into DC! Love the pictures!

    1. Sometimes the forced people watching is just what I need to remember that world is alive outside of my cubicle or my head. I like to think that public transportation is like the crossroads of civilization because where else would all these random people cross paths?

  2. Always. Gorgeous shot!

    Just remember, you won't always have to join the huddled masses...