Sunday, September 9, 2012

Art and Music.

In acknowledgement that summer is really almost over, I spent the weekend working on framing the new music art that I collected over the summer.  In a perfect world, I try to rotate my wall art every season. I like the physical reminders of change and new starts that clean walls bring. And since my living space is quite small, I have more frames and pieces than I do walls, so equal time for all means a lot of rotation.

As I was laying out the pieces I wanted to display, I had to come to terms with the idea that I may not really have an eye for collages. I swapped pieces, and changed places and looked and looked and maybe squinted a bit, and I am still working on the exact placement and how they should all come together and be displayed.  Which in reality means they all might be leaning up against my bookcase for a little while longer, but I am really happy how each piece turned out.  Each reminds me that in the midst of maybe the worst and hardest year of my life, there were happy times, moments that my heart didn't hurt so much.  Some little peeks:

If you have been to a par-tay at my house you may recognize this chalkboard. But instead of drink or pie options I wrote lyrics from favorite songs of bands I saw this year. It's a little twee, but I love it all the same.

 I am also trying to find a place in my house to take good pictures of the pieces. I literally carried them all around the house this weekend looking for good lighting so that the awesome frames could be seen as well as the things in the frames. The kitchen table, the laundry room floor (where the chalkboard is laying up above), the dinning room table,  the floor in my room,  my bedroom wall, the living room. Na dah.  So stay tune for maybe a photo shoot outside with Clive on a slightly overcast but still sunny day. Or just come over and see them all leaning up against my bookcase.

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