Friday, August 3, 2012

We Sleep Until The Sun Goes Down

Thank goodness it's Friday, right? Too bad I'll probably be at work most of the weekend. But a quiet office means I can listen out loud to music that has previously just been stuck in my head. And this song, "Mountain Sound" by Of Monsters and Men has been stuck in my head for two solid days now. I think it is about time it gets stuck in your head too.

Of Monsters and Men is a charming little band from Iceland that has been getting more and more, {deserved} attention here in the States, you may of even heard their song, "Little Talks" (or as one friend calls it: that shaky, shaky Hey! song) on that old timey thing we call the radio.  Since they are from the beautiful country of Iceland, I like to picture them singing their delightfully addictive tunes on the top of mountain. 

They were just in DC this last April, but hopefully they will circle around again soon. We all need more accordion in our lives. 

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