Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sounds: Milk Carton Kids, The Lumineers, Old Crow Medicine Show @ 9:30 Club

This week in the Gentlewoman of the Road Summer Concert Series found us at the 9:30 Club in DC for what may be my favorite line up of the summer: Milk Carton Kids, The Lumineers, and Old Crow Medicine Show. If all three of these bands sound familiar, thanks for being a loyal blog follower, all of them I have lauded from this IP address. This team of all stars played two sold out shows, I attended only the Thursday night show.

Before the music, can we talk about the lighting? Mason jars. File this away under "when I have my own place with a back porch" in the card catalog:
Milk Carton Kids
Bob Boilen of NPR described the Milk Carton Kids as a cross between the Smothers Brothers and Simon & Garfunkel, and that about sums them up. The songs from the duo of Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale's are very S &G  like; 2 guitars, 2 folksy voices, but they also have this comedy routine going in between songs. This was all very entertaining, but then something weird happened.  During the second song of the set, "Charlie", I found myself standing there in a crowded music club with tears rolling down my cheeks. It's a father's song to his future daughter, and having lost my father only a couple of months ago, I guess the feelings are still a little raw.  The public tears were a little awkward, but they were also a testament of the power of music. The Milk Carton Kids will be back in the area on their own headlining tour this November, and I'm guessing some new jokes too. You can download both their albums for free on their website.

Milk Carton Kids Set List (Thursday, August 2, 2012)
New York
Girls, Gather Around 
I Still Want a Little More

The Lumineers
"The Lumineers are such a nice band," I heard this several times in the mere hours after their set concluded at the 9:30 Club. The Colorado band is so bursting with energy and they play with that  purest of joy that only comes from doing what you love, that  everyone in the audience can't help to smile from ear to ear.  And they are nice people too. The Lumineers' popularity has increased since their song "Ho Hey" has been featured in at least two commercials. That song is incredibly catchy and lovely, but it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this band's musical talent. In other words, buy their whole, self titled album, and then go see them every chance you can.  Their cover of Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues"  is simply amazing, and the accordion player plays barefoot. God bless American music. 

The Lumineers Set List (Thursday, August 2, 2012)
Big Parade
Flowers in Your Hair
Dead Sea
Slow It Down
Classy Girls
Stubborn Love
Ain’t Nobody’s Problem
Flapper Girl

Old Crow Medicine Show
Lately, nothing seems to make my heart swell more than a good string band, and holy cow, Old Crow is a good string band. Based now out of Nashville, members of the show grew up all around this great country of ours all with a love for old time music.  In fact, Ketch and Critter (pictured in the first picture below), met in the 7th grade here in Virginia. There were plenty of references made about the local area to butter up the audience. And it worked. People were dancing, people were clapping and stomping, hooting and hollering. And the musical talent of these 5 fellas is amazing, each one playing their instrument, or in the case of almost all of them, several instruments like the barn is on fire. It was the kind of show, that as soon as it was over, you wanted it to start all over again. Call it old time music, call it bluegrass, call in Americana, call it a good time.  They played most of their new album, Carry Me Back, with older favorites mixed in for a perfect hootenanny night. 

Old Crow Medicine Show Set List (Thursday, August 2, 2012)
Carry Me Back to Virginia
Alabama Highfest
Big Time in the Jungle
Bootlegger’s Boy
We Don’t Grow Tobacco
Mississippi Saturday Night
Mary’s Kitchen
James River Blues
Steppin’ Out
Sewanee Mountain Catfight
Take ‘Em Away (My favorite song of their catalog)
Aint It Enough (My favorite song off their new album)
Wagon Wheel
Tell It To Me
** I had to leave before the encore to make a very classy run down U Street to catch the last train home, but I'm sure they played on, and I am also sure it was awesome.

Post Script: I already have started a post titled, "Taking pictures at concerts with you iPhone is hard."

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