Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Song of the Week: The Devil Makes Three and Larry and His Flask

Today’s behind the scenes of the Song of the Week has to do with running. Oh Lord, this can only end in wailing and gnashing of teeth, me running that is. Last night was my first night back in the gym since the Great 10k Debacle. But this time I’m not training for a race. Sometimes moving on with your life involves actually moving.  And last night wasn't pretty, only 4 miles, but a I did get a few stares from my singing a little bit too loudly under my breath, and that let me know that I was at least doing something right.

When I run, I have to have music. I’ve tried the being alone with my thoughts thing, it didn’t work. This probably is because my thoughts while running usually are “Why are you running? This is stupid. There is sweat in my eye. In my eye! Oh great. This is stupid.” So I have to have music, and that music usually switches back and forth between punk rock and old timey country/bluegrass.  I need something that I can match the beats to my steps. I need something with several instruments that I can focus on. And let's be honest, I need some banjo inspiration.

The Devil Makes Three and Larry and His Flask, both played heavily on my playlist last night. Both of them also are coming to the area in September, so maybe I can find out whether seeing them live while standing still is better than listening to them when running in a sweaty mess.

The Devil Makes Three (from California ) will be playing at The Hamilton   here in DC on September 19. This club is named after Alexander Hamilton, history books don't usually mention just how rock n'roll our Founding Fathers really were. What a shame. They also serve real food too, which is a god send if you are catching a show right after work. 

Larry and His Flask (from Oregon) will be opening up for Frank Turner at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on September 28th. This club, obviously isn't named for one of Founding Fathers, although Baltimore was capitol of the United States for a short while in 1776-1777. I have tons of random Capitol City trivia, which really is only useful for smug points.   I have seen these guys before and they give every show all they got. 

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