Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Making Pickles

On a quiet afternoon a couple of Sundays ago, I checked another project off my summer list:

(You will just have to picture in your mind the step of boiling vinegar, water and the pickling spices together)

Pickles are super easy to make, especially if, like me, you use a cheater pickling mix that doesn't require throwing the jars into a hot water bath.  I made a batch of Kosher Dill that turned out well, so crispy, so tangy, with one jar being entirely consumed within 24 hours. I made another batch of Sweet Pickles, that turned out awful, and will most likely remain in the back of the fridge until I need the space for another foodie project. 


  1. Dill pickles are the cherry on top!
    Did you use a recipe? Where did you get the pickling mix?

  2. I got the pickling mixes (Sweet Creek Farms) at Crate & Barrel, and followed the recipe that came with the mix.