Sunday, August 5, 2012

Local Eats: Cheesetique

I finally made it down to Cheesetique in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria on Friday. Several people have been telling me to go, several more people keep telling that I would love it. And all those fine people were right. 

Cheesetique is a  speciality  cheese shop as well as a cheese and wine bar. Since I don't partake of the alcohol side of this equation, I could focus all me attention on cheese. To start, our party of 10 ordered the Big Cheese Board that feature 10 different kinds of cheeses as well as grapes, pickles (or cornichons if you are feeling fancy and French), honey glazed figs, olive tapenade and membrillo (quince jelly), as well as bits of different kinds of bread and crackers. Our very knowledgeable waitress told us about each of the different kinds of cheese, but all of  us were so distracted by the huge plate of cheese before us, that we quickly forgot the fancy names and settled for referring to each as, "oohh that's good." There were soft cheeses and hard cheeses and blue cheeses and at least one goat cheese, so every taste could find something to love. And we sure did love it, the board was devoured within minutes. 

For my "real food" course of the night I was torn between mac and cheese and a grilled cheese sandwich. The menu featured several different kinds of both, all sounding so good, and I went back and forth, until I finally decided on the Gjetost and Banana Grilled Cheese.  Layered in between two slices of cranberry walnut bread are slices of Norwegian gjetost (pronounced YAY-toast, which fun to say!), banana and bacon. Salty sweet perfection. The rosemary chips on the side were delicious too.

Oh cheese, we have to stop meeting like this. 

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