Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Extra Song: Avett Brothers

It is only Wednesday and I am already getting preeettty close to reaching my banjo quota of the week. But bear with me (I just typed "bare with me," but thought, no, everyone should keep their clothes on. Man, I need an editor, bad), this is a good one; The Avett Brothers singing "Live and Die" from their upcoming album, The Carpenter (due out in September).

 The The Avett Brothers is the only band that I am the teansy bit sad that I missed when I was in Missouri for the Hardest Day. But family is like the one thing that trumps music in my life. Did I just say "like", I guess I did grow up in the Valley. But I've seen the brothers Avett before, I know I will see them again, and they keeping putting out such quality music in the mean time, so I really can't complain. I sure can sigh a lot though. Sigh. 

Note: this is just an extra song of the week, the bonus songs on the new album are from the I and Love and You sessions: "Standing With You"  & "Die Then Grow." These bonus songs are only on the version available at Target stores. 

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