Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wilco + Wolf Trap = Winning!

Alternate Title:  Shut up Tweedy, You're Breaking My Heart.
I had the chance to attend both nights of Wilco's stop in the Washington DC area. Technically, both shows were at Wolf Trap Performing Arts Center, which is technically in Virginia, but people get very territorial around here, so I'm sticking with DC area. Both shows were fantastic. I expected nothing less. Worth once again hanging out in triple digit temperatures? Without a doubt. 

The setlists were a little different each night, but they still encored with a couple Woody Guthrie songs, so world peace was achieved if only for a couple of minutes.  They played "Christ for President" on Wednesday which just about made my heart explode, and well, the cow bell guy (Josh, one of their techs) on Tuesday, I do believe he is from a different planet. A very happy planet. Wilco's catalog ranges from lovely acoustic numbers to fully plugged in rock and roll themes, and boy oh boy, every one of the musicians are crazy good at what they do. I can't think of a better way to spend a couple of evenings; barefoot under the heavens with my ears full of music. 

Sorry Jeff Tweedy for cutting you off,  but  Glenn Kotche's (the drummer) face is just so intense.  

Check out the double guitar. Like I said, Rock.And. Roll. 

I brought a couple of friends each night and got to witness and be a part of their first Wilco concert. Hopefully it won't be their last. Along with parallel parking a mini van on the streets of Los Angeles, I am now adding Wilco Missionary to my resume. 

Although I am looking forward to hitting more shows in air conditioned clubs, I have to admit with a happy heart , that there is just something extra special about summer music. 

Post Script to all the ninjas out there: DO NOT take the Lewinsville Rd short cut for Wolf Trap shows during the week, during rush hour. It is a dead man parking lot from Spring Hill Rd to 7. It will eat your soul. On the weekend, you and  your soul should be fine. 

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  1. Your enthusiasm was just part of what made the evening so memorable. Maybe you'll have to road trip out to St. Louis for band gigs every now and again.

    And that third image, WOW.