Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Freely

Hallelujah the heatwave has broken!  It's bearable to go outside and enjoy summer again! And not a minute too soon since summer is about half over. It's about time I start doing the things that make me love DC in the summer. And because DC loves me and you back, it lets us spend our money on ice cream and frozen custard and gelato, instead of admission prices: 

1.    Screen on the Green. There are numerous places around town to catch free outdoor movies and with that brings numerous excuses for picnic dinners. I’ll be at “It Happened One Night, “ on the National Mall and directly after Clark Gables recites:

If I could ever meet the right sort of girl. Aw, where you gonna find her? Somebody that's real. Somebody that's alive. They don't come that way anymore. Have I ever thought about it? I've even been sucker enough to make plans. You know, I saw an island in the Pacific once. I've never been able to forget it. That's where I'd like to take her. She'd have to be the sort of a girl who'd... well, who'd jump in the surf with me and love it as much as I did. You know, nights when you and the moon and the water all become one. You feel you're part of something big and marvelous. That's the only place to live... where the stars are so close over your head you feel you could reach up and stir them around. Certainly, I've been thinking about it. Boy, if I could ever find a girl who was hungry for those things... 

I’ll jump up and shout, “I’m right here. I’M RIGHT HERE.”  Man, I love that movie.

2.    Friday Sunset Military Parades at the Marine Barracks. Sunset. Military. Parade. Do I really have to say anything else? OK, maybe I do. The evening parades are held every Friday during the summer (May 4- August 31) from 8:45-10:00pm. The one hour and fifteen minute performance includes music and marching from The United States Marine Band, as well as other Marine groups (full information here). Tickets are free but you have to reserve them (see aforementioned link), and plan for time to go through security since you will be on military grounds. Numerous people have told me that witnessing this parade is one of the most moving experiences in DC. 

3.    Jazz in the Garden in the National Gallery’s Sculpture Garden. This is usually a hit or miss. Sometimes it is too hot. Sometimes it is too crowded. But sometimes you get the right spot and can lean back and gaze up to heavens with a soundtrack of cool jazz. Full schedule of performers can be found here.

4. Space Shuttle Discovery at the Air and Space Museum-Udvar-Hazy Center. This is NOT the Air and Space Museum that is on the National Mall, this is the one that is by Dulles Airport. I actually prefer this one over the one on the Mall; it's where all the big stuff is displayed and big stuff that has been in space (like Discovery) is doubly awesome. The museum, as part of the Smithsonian is free, however parking is $15 from 10:00am to 4pm. The museum is not Metro accessible either. But don't fear, during the summer the museum is open until 6:30pm.

5. Ai Weiwei! The Chinese and political activist has two installations in DC right now. Perspectives is at the Sackler Gallery until April 2013 and Circle of Animals, an outdoor piece, is at the Hishorrn until February 2013. Ai Weiwei is a modern artist so you won't be seeing pictures of flowers or landscapes, but his outlook and interpretations of the world always amaze and intrigue me. Both museums are free and are on the National Mall. 

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  1. We went to the military parade for wounded soldiers at Iwo Jima on Tuesday night and was it ever AMAZing!

    Moving, yes.