Monday, July 2, 2012

A Story of A Storm

Told in pictures and some words.

On Friday there was a storm. But it didn't start out as a stormy day.

It started out as half of a day of work and then a mini road trip to the magical and not so mythical place of Richmond, VA.

We found love along the way (notice the blue, cloudless sky)

And some favorite chilled beverages at Sonic

And then we drove until we heard a banjo . . .and fiddle . . .and mandolin . . . . .guitar and bass
And found the ever fun Trampled by Turtles or as, bless their hearts, friends like to call them, that uh, terrorizing  . . .rampaging . . .turtle band. It was an outdoor concert. It was also 105 degrees that day + humidity. Don't question our dedication to a good concert. We hooted, we hollered, Amy made friends with a strange fellow, you know, normal concert going fun. I have to give it  to the band, they must of been miserably hot up there. The heat, the humidity, the stage lights all boiling their Minnesota blood, but they still put on a terrific show. 

Then we started the hour and half drive home. It started to get dark, and not just, it's night dark, but trouble is a brewin' dark. The winds picked up, we noticed more and more debris on the side of the road, and then we drove into the belly of the beast.
Heavy winds, fantastic lightening, downpour of rain, and uprooted trees all came our way. I turned on my car radio to see what I was driving into and if aliens had finally invaded.  The radio was barely coming in, like it was in between stations. We heard, "dangerous thunderstorms" and then it cut to the song 'Tainted Love'. No joke, we were now in the middle of a bad disaster film. All week the weather forecasters were all so distracted by the “ERMAHGERD HEATWAVE!”, that they all forgot to tell us a storm was coming.  Not being able to see the road through all the rain, I pulled over to a rest area and we did what you do if you think the world is ending,  eat snacks. I am beginning to think that I subconsciously pick my friends by their choice of road trip food. We had pasta salad with roasted veg and homemade pesto, chocolate pretzel cookie bars, homemade granola with pistachios, and mini strawberry pies.  When the storm had passed we hit the road again. And wow, did the road hit us back.  4 and half hours later we made it home, but not easily, since many, many traffic lines and streets were blocked and closed due to down trees and power lines.

And so began the weekend with no power, no AC, no drinkable water, and temperatures of over 100 degrees. Which led to some interesting fun and games:

Since my phone really is my life (go ahead and judge me,  mr. judgypants) I had to find places to charge it, like the fiction and literature section in Barnes & Noble
Survival tip: if it really is the end of the world (or just feels that way), don't go the mall, you will just end up hating humanity and not really care if it destroyed.

And in my car; charged phone/link to the outside world > a full gas tank

The grocery store by my house was open, but you just had to shop in mood lighting.
And if you are wondering what do you buy to eat during a power outage armageddon, the answer is Cool Ranch Doritos.

It took me almost a day to remember that I have a battery operated radio/tape player and some awesome audio cassettes

And hey, NPR programing isn't interrupted by natural disasters (current love: Radiolab).

I also had enough battery life on my laptop to watch some MST3k
And again charged my phone off my computer, since how else was I going to follow a million more random people on Instragram? Show me the beauty of the world, photogs, show me!

When it got dark, out came the flashlights and an embarrassing amount of pictures of light and shadows

Which in turn led to shadow finger puppets
I slept, or tried to sleep, under an open window and didn't mind the view of a canopy of trees

Except when those trees came crashing down onto my tomato and sweet basil plants.

And this, ladies and gents, here is probably my entire tomato crop for the summer:

But the power came back today and shouts of joy where heard throughout the land. Also heard was us dumping the entire, now spoiled, contents of our fridge and freezer into the garbage. Maybe all this was just Mother Nature's attempt to get us to clean our fridge. If so, it worked:
She could of just asked.


  1. Glad you survived the apocalypse. It seems like DC has been having a lot of those lately. Good thing for Cool Ranch Doritos. No end of the world is the same without them. :)

  2. Amazing narration of the events...almost makes it seem fun! The craziest of times make for the best stories, and we all know that 'he who dies with the best stories, wins!' Glad to have shared a bit of the craziness with ya'll!