Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Song of the Week: Ha Ha Tonka

I guess I’m feeling a little homesick today  because  I stood by a guy in a camouflage hat at a crosswalk today. On purpose.

I always try to go visit Missouri, especially Southern Missouri in the Spring. It’s so lovely. Everything is so green.  There are random cows and red barns and Amish bakeries along the highway. Little towns with only 1 stoplight have endearing names like Pumpkin Center.  And speaking of enduring names, there is Ha Ha Tonka State Park.  And in this state park, located on the Lake of the Ozarks, is the ruins of a castle. That’s right. A castle. In Missouri.  Take that all you other 49 states, do you have castle? (OK so, some of you do, but do you have a castle AND good BBQ? What.) In 1904, Robert Snyder, a wealthy KC businessman, fell in love with the natural beauty of the area (caves, natural bridges, rock formations) and purchased 2,500 acres of land to build a resort to rival the fancy pants ones in Europe. [Side note: Missourians have an odd, but loveable, habit of thinking that we, for some reason, have to rival Europe, especially France. Oh, there is a Paris in France? Well we have a Paris in Missouri! And a Versailles, but we have our own way of pronouncing that one. Oh but wait, weren’t we part of the original Louisiana Purchase? Oh snap. We were French. ] Snyder hired Scottish masons to build the castle, and when completed the complex consisted of a 3 story castle, stone stable, nine greenhouses, and an eighty foot water tower.  The castle was burned to ruins in 1942, and the area was named a state park in 1978. The name Ha Ha Tonka, as the legend goes, is from the Osage Indian tongue, however it is pretty much now believed that the person who started the legend,  made up not only the legend but also the name. It’s still fun to say, either way.

And all this gets us to the song of the week, from the band Ha Ha Tonka. See what I did there?  I consider all Missouri bands (they are from Springfield) local bands, so I am always so happy to pass their music around to new ears. Especially when a song of theirs perfectly embodies my mood right now. The lyrics of the song are so spot on (Nobody wants to act like they care too much, I’m gonna hide it well ), but so is the folksy yet still rock n’roll feeling of the song.  
"Hide It Well," from the album, Death of a Decade by Ha Ha Tonka. 

They will be playing at Floyd Fest in Virginia this weekend, and then head back on a nationwide tour

Anyone up for a field trip to the Mighty MO? 

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