Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Song of the Week: Cab Calloway

Yesterday I declared it Cab Calloway Day in my office, well at least in the immediate area around my cubicle. First, I had to tell the youngsters who Cab Calloway was.  That's Cabell Calloway III, if you want to get technical, and he lived for awhile in Baltimore, so he is almost a local boy.  I told them of the Cotton Club in Harlem and Duke Ellington, who was born in DC, and scat singing and all that jazz.  

This is music you guys. This is music.

Does anyone remember when Mr. Calloway was on Sesame Street? I totally do. Jazz and Muppets. I mean really.  How do you forget that? We need more of this kind of education for the kids today.

Later in the day I had to explain that Captain Kangaroo was not an actual captain in the military. They didn't believe me, they pointed to the caption on the picture they were working with and it did clearly say, Captain. Oh future, I weep for you sometimes.

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