Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home Art

I was going to wait until I got this framed to write about it, but it's too pretty not to share:

A limited edition Woody Guthrie print, signed by Shepard Fairey, the artist. Awesome by itself, but like almost everything in my life, there is a story behind it. 

For awhile I've had this weird feeling that I really couldn't place. It wasn't until I bought the above print that I finally figured it out. This is art, I said to myself, art by a recognized artist.  This is art that you put on a wall. Of a home. 

Ah. That's it. That's this different kind of feeling that has been mulling around in me. The want of a home. A real home. A home to call my own.  A place where I know the strange people sleeping on the couch and I am the only one to blame for clothes being left in the dryer for days. This is new for me. Many, many times I have mentioned that I'm a wild soul, a wanderer, look me going here and going there. The thought of settling down, to me, always translated into settling for a second place life. But now I am thinking about stopping the running and finding a place where I can say, "This is enough."

My heart is telling me that this place probably isn't in the DC area, which has me dreaming of mountains, lakes, small town American main streets and new starts. I don't know when or how or where I will find this place, but it's out there.  And wherever I end up, I'll hang this poster up and it will remind me of the day that I decided to be OK with the word HOME. 

This new, and still a little uneasy, state of mind also inspired my new ceramic tile project. I'm making a map of the USA, and I'm kinda in love with it, and the whole idea and hope and faith that one day I will have a big wall to put it on. 

*I got the  Woody Guthrie print from the Woody Guthrie Foundation, all proceeds from print go the foundation to help preserve Woody's creative and historical legacy. The print came with a thank you letter from/signed by Nora Guthrie, daughter of Mr. Guthrie and president of the foundation. In the world of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, that letter just connected me to Woody Guthrie. Ta da to that. 

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