Friday, July 27, 2012

Gold. Silver. Bronze.

I am a big fan of the Olympics. Big. Fan. During the last Olympics, which was winter mind you, we set up a curling court in our house. Truth. But I have been looking forward to these 2012 Summer Olympics with extra pep and vigor. Not only do I get the Parade of the Nations, a whole 2 weeks of the seeing the best of the best (this does NOT include Bob Costas who makes me so ragey with his too much commentary), but this time I get 24 hour streaming of one of my favorite cities in world: London, oh lovely, lovely London. 

Oh yes. I am going to be insufferable for the new future.

For your reference:
The Summer Olympics are from Today (!!!) July 27--August 12.
The dedicated website for Olympic coverage is
And because my sister works for a competing TV network, I feel I must add that this information does not any way support (or oppose for that matter) NBC. 

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  1. First image is still one of my very favorites ever. Good eye my friend.