Sunday, July 22, 2012

Career Opportunities

I have mentioned before that I'll be looking for a new job soon. This weekend I learned I can mark at least one profession off my list: barkeep.

I volunteered to be barkeep at a friend's going away mocktail party on Saturday, if and only if, I was referred to only as a barkeep and never a bartender. In all honesty, I was happy to do it so our hostess could actually enjoy her party and not spend all night in the kitchen.  I pushed buttons on the blender like a pro, I made sure all Shirley Temples had a cherry on top, chatted with people about current events and how to purge hipsters from urban areas, and I even faithfully practiced my sliding a cup across the counter skillz, and at the end of the night I checked my tip jar:

3 M&Ms. That won't even pay the rent in Candyland. So cross off barkeeping from the list.

However, what DID go over well was the cheese platter I also helped with:


Cambozola Triple Crème
Very buttery with a delicate blue finish
Mild Cow Milk

Triple Crème Brie
Very silky texture with a strong butter flavor
Mild Cow Milk

Pur Brebis de
L’Abbaye de Balloc
Complex flavor with a caramelized brown sugar note
Produced in a monastery
Medium Sheep Milk

Carr Valley Sweet
Vanilla Cardona
Medium-bodied cheese with a smooth texture
and hints of vanilla and sugar
Medium Goat Milk

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar
Cave-aged 10 months
Perfect blend of salty and sweet
Sharp Cow Milk

What I forgot to do was explain, however, what was up with that plate right next to the cheese plate:
This was the pairing plate and eating cheese with some of these little bits can change the whole experience:

If the blue cheese is too strong, (although I picked an extremely mild blue), eating with a little bread and a grape will really mellow out the flavor.

Eating the dessert cheese (in this case it was the Carr Valley Sweet Vanilla) with a little bit of dark chocolate and an apricot will cause happy things to happen in your mouth. 

Also, please don't inhale the triple creme brie. 

So maybe I can teach classes about how to pretend you're fancy when actually you are making drinks in the kitchen barefoot and using straws out of a Star Wars cup. 

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