Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Question of the Week

One a scale of 1-10  how annoying would it be to be standing by/sitting by a person with a tambourine at an outdoor concert? 1 being not at all and 10 being I want to kick you in the face

At the Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeroes show last month I noticed someone in the audience with a tambourine.  Good Gravy Batman! Why didn’t anyone tell me it was bring your own tambourine night?

What a great idea.

I have two outdoor concerts this summer, put on the books before my “I need to save money” Come to Jesus moment; Wilco in July and the Mumford & Sons Stopover Show in August.  And the thought to bring a tambourine is now stuck in my head. I can see it be delightful at Wilco. I’m on the lawn where there is more of a relaxed atmosphere. And it is not like I will be playing it the whole night, just at spirited moments. I can contain myself.   M&S  might be a little more tricky because 678 billion people will be packed in there.

And even though folk music usual does have an element of participation by the, um, folk,  I don’t want to become (double sigh, double eye roll) that girl.

In my head there are unwritten rules of concert going. Things like:  If you have to carry on that oh so important conversation with someone, especially if you are upfront in the crowd (i.e. not at the bar) do it only between songs or between bands, not when the band is performing my favorite song. I am here to hear  them, not you.

But where does tambourining (whatever spell check, that so is a word) fall on the list? Is it really anymore annoying than that guy that shouts various forms of the word, "yeah!" during the entire show? Yay? Nay?

Post Script: Dear Future Gentleman Caller: we will be having tambourines as party favors at our wedding because we will be that awesome. 

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